29 November 2008

Soul Coaching - Day 1

"I am not my assessment of myself"

I started the day with the meditation which I really enjoyed and it was like drinking water and realising how dehydrated you are. So I will be incorporating more meditation into my life. I then made a touchstone of some core values important in this process using a great image and my father's ink pen to write the text. (Will post photo soon).

As I reflected on the values I'd chosen, I noticed how many of them were talking about different types of connection - to self, other, everything, spirit and how that seems to be what I'm really thirsty for. I took a walk and noticed how fast the clouds were moving across the sky, how the air was burning my ears and nose, how bright the sky was and how white my breath. Then finishing my touchstone, out of the blue my beautiful friend from London announced she was in town and took me for a glass of wine! So Love and Magic honoured all in one day.

Soul Coaching Intentions

I intend to:

* release and let go of what I no longer need in order to clear space for what is on its way

* practise self-care everyday and reconnect to my body

* meditate daily and open up to spirit

* let intuition flow through me

* be more fully alive and present

* choose joy, magic and ease

* become clear, like a bell

* create my reality more consciously

20 June 2008

People have cats called Fiona? Who knew!

My creation
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I got this great meme from Jamie at Starshyne Productions. So much fun!

11 May 2008


Who are you being when you are so happy you don't care who's watching?

26 March 2008

For Maddie

'A true love letter can produce a transformation
in the other person, and therefore in the world.
But before it produces a transformation in the
other person, it has to produce a transformation
within you.
The time you take to write the letter may be
your whole life.'

~Thich Nhat Hanh ~

I misread this initially and thought it said "the time it takes to write that letter is your whole life". Imagine a life that is a contiuous love letter from your transformed heart to as many other people as it can reach! That´s a life really lived!

Thank you Maddie for being so full of love!

26 January 2008

In the Acorn Sleeps the Oak Tree

Its been a while. I can't believe that its still only January. I my new home, I have been pushing really hard to start consciously creating my life, the way I want it to be. That hasn't really been working. Well it gets me into frantic action, but it feels horrible. So I've been trying to stay with taking action and just letting things happen. I keep seeing a picture in my mind of snowdrops (the sky is a bright nursery blue here right now) just begining to push there way out of the ground. What I've been trying to do it pull them all out of the ground and open their little white faces. I opened a budding flower once as a child. It was unsettlingly unsatisfying. I'd brought the blossiming process screechingly to a premature end and the little flower looked startled and droopy and like it didn't know how to hold its face up to the sun. Such a shame!

So I've decided to be where I am. Keep taking action and just focus on enjoying each moment, remembering that right here is the destination. Living in a city that I love, speaking its language and walking its streets just makes being in the moment so easy. Here are some of the many things I love about Madrid:

You can go and see a film in the late afternoon, then do some shopping, go for dinner with friends, go and see another film and around midnight and then meet up with people for drinks.

In the place where I used to live everything smells nice. Rosemary, wood, washing powder, smoke.

There is so much light!

The light is warm, bright blue and soft at the same time.

Its actually getting warm now.

Most things are in walking distance.

It has all the advantages of a big city and the feel of a small town.

Its easy to meet people.

If you go to a bar, cafe or restaurant, the people remember you (for years) and talk to you when you go.

There are a lot of small businesses, shops, cafes, bars, that have a really unique feel.

AND I am free, living somewhere I love, making a lot of new friends and taking big steps in creating what I want, even when that just means being who I am.

31 December 2007

Wild, Joyful Magic

This is my theme for next year. Carrying on in the spirit of the Be Brave project, I will honour my values of freedom, creative, innovation and sensuality. One of the big learnings for me this year has been that to really focus on what is really important, I have to keep my life really simple to let room in for the wild, joyful magic that happens when you stay true to who you are and what's important.

Wishing all a very wild, joyful and magical 2008. xxx